Decorative Sheets

Types:   Cast Acrylics
Usage:   Interior Decoration, Gift Articles etc.
Colours:   Available in various designs - Leaf, Flowers etc.
Sizes:   6 x 4
Thickness:   2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm

Monolythic Cast Acrylic sheet


It is high performance acrylic technology allows for the thickest single-layer cast acrylic sheet, and the largest rods and tubes in the industry worldwide.

It is highly regarded for its optical clarity and outstanding light transmission properties. It is unaffected by sunlight or fluorescent lights, resists again and maintains stability under a wide range of conditions.

It weighs half as much as glass and has up to seventeen times greater impact resistance than glass. Because of these properties, it has been used worldwide in the architectural, medical, aquarium, transportation, interior and exterior signage, and retail design industries. This is a versatile and ideal medium for innovative design.

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